Equipment Run Time

Equipment run time, as a general rule, more in the summer and less in the winter. Periods of a lot of rain and higher bather load, should increase the equipment run time following. Summer 10-12 hours, Spring and Fall 8 hours, Winter 6 hours, in central Florida. Running the circulation pump during the peak time the sun is on the pool, provides an even mix of chemical, water temperature, adding additional chlorine. Full replacement of pool/spa water should be done every 3 to 5 years. Pool filters should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature provides challenges beyond our control, intense heat and sunlight, periods or rain or drought. These simply need additional equipment run time, add or let out water. One of the most common issues is equipment leaks, usually from the temperature changes, causing expansion and contraction. Normally needing only disassembling and reassembling, with or with out gaskets.

Unwanted Chemicals

The worst challenges are from the people providing pressure washing, lawn mowing service, lawn treatment services. (Fertilizing/Weed Killer) How much Round Up/weed killer, stripper or fertilizer do you want in your pool? Solutions include chemical treatment to drain and replace the pool and spa water.

Fungi vs Algae

Fungi vs Algae, one is on land the other is in water. Like a sea turtle vs a land turtle. Both should be controlled, but exist everywhere. Do you like mushrooms, there a fungus, yogurt is full of “healthy” bacteria. If you have concerns of Algae in your pool, there are Algae preventive treatment services available. If you do not see signs of Fungi/Mold around your pool area/home, or no signs of Algae in your Pool/Spa, you should not be concerned.

Pool Spots

Pool spots, sometimes in error called stains. By definition a stain is a permanent addition of color. There are different treatments, that can remove different types of spots while the pool/spa is full of water.