Service Rates

Service Call                                                                          $95.00

Green Pool Initial Service                                                  $95.00

Green Pool Follow up visits                                               $55.00 – $95.00 Must see

6 Month Algae Treatment                                                $150.00/$25.00 per Month Option

 DE Filter Clean and DE Powder replace                        $129.00

 DE Filter Replace DE Filter Grids                                    $100.00

Cartridge Replace includes Filter Diagnostic                  $60.00

Cartridge Filter Remove, Acid Wash & Replace             $50.00

Salt Cell Acid Wash                                                            $50.00

Salt 40lb bag Stain Fighting                                              $11.00

DE Powder                                                                           $25.00

Full Drain and Refill Pool/Spa                                         $150.00 * Not recommended option.

Half Drain and Refill Pool/Spa                                           $75.00 * Recommended option. 

* Half Drain and Refill Pool/Spa recommended in Central/South Florida for Pool Pop, this is where the water table cracks and raises the Pool/Spa itself. This is rare, but nearly always requires the Pool/Spa replacement.

Part & Install

Cartridge Filter/Installed CC100                                 $165.00

Cartridge Filter/Installed CC150                                 $185.00

Cartridge Filter/Installed CC200                                 $215.00

Hayward Filter/Installed C1200                                  $130.00

Pool Pricing

Up to 5k gallons                                                                $90.00

5k-10k gal                                                                        $100.00

10k-15k gal                                                                      $110.00

15k-20k gal                                                                      $120.00

Each additional 5k                                                            $10.00 Each

Unscreened/Excessive Vegetation                                $15.00

Spa                                                                                      $10.00 Starting

Fountain                                                                             $10.00 Starting

**Rates for 3rd Party Vendors are priced out at their current rates. Services requiring CPC or Special Licensing are performed by Licensed Contractors. Estimates, billing and services are performed by them.

***DE Filter backwashes & Cartridge Filter standard washes, are included FREE with Week Full Pool/Spa Service, when filter pressure rises 7 to 10 psi.