As you probably know, a pool is much more than just an over-sized tub of water. Pools require a delicate balance of chemicals, regular cleaning, and proper swimming pool maintenance. From your pool heater to your pump and filter, trust a team of professionals to handle any necessary maintenance. Services requiring CPC or Special Licensing are performed by Licensed Contractors. Estimates and services are performed by them, so you know it is done right the first time.

Pool Heater

Your pool heater can usually go years without being serviced, but it never hurts to get an inspection from time to time. Let us check for any issues so we can get ahead of the game with some preventative maintenance before any problems arise.

Leak Repair

You may not notice a small leak, but those persistent annoyances can mean serious issues later on. If you’ve noticed your pool losing water, or you’ve been needing to refill your pool more frequently than normal, it’s time to reach out so we can find the source with our pool leak repair service.

Pool Pump

Your pump and filter are essential when it comes to keeping your pool safe. These are the main components of your pool’s circulation system, meaning they need to be checked frequently. Choose our team to make sure everything is in working order.

Infinity Pool Services is proud to serve Florida residents so they can enjoy their pools year round. If we find any concerns or damage, we will let you know. Contact us now to request your next pool service.